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How can I include my own “GDPR declaration” in the form?

In addition to the Doi procedure and the model confirmation you can also integrate your own declaration and a link to your Privacy Policy with a checkbox in the registration form. Please note, however, that this is not legally sufficient without [...]

How can I sign the DPA for GDPR?

The recipient data is kept strictly confidential. Data protection has a high value for us in the company and is based on the German standards as well as the European requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation. In particular, the [...]

How do I give the recipient the opportunity to confirm receipt of the newsletter?

To confirm receipt, recipients must receive a so-called DOI mailing and confirm the registration via a DOI link and activate their data. There are two options for using DOI mailing: 1) New recipients For this, the data can be generated via a [...]

What happens to the contact addresses that I upload?

Your recipient data is handled with the utmost confidentiality. Most importantly, the data is only available in your account and is not sold on or used for any other purpose. More information can be found under  data protection and in [...]

What security features are in place to ensure secure data transfer?

Newsletter2Go ensures maximum data protection and security. All your personal details, recipient lists and any other data that you save with us are transferred with  256 Bit SSL encryption (extended validation certificate). This makes [...]

What are the advantages of using a German service provider?

Germany has some of the strictest legal guidelines when it comes to data protection. When using Newsletter2Go, you also benefit from  whitelisted servers, which can help to improve delivery rates. In order to provide our customers with [...]

Who can I send my newsletter to? Do I need written permission from the recipient?

Essentially, you need to be able to prove that the recipient has consented to receiving your email newsletter.  How you obtained this permission is of minor importance (in writing, by phone or online form), as long as you can prove it in [...]

Which changes will come with the EU GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation is a legal framework that applies to the European Union. Up until now, each EU member state has observed the data protection regulation from 1995, together with their own individual national regulations. [...]

Can I include a GDPR confirmation in my form?

If you create a form, you can add in the second step different attributes. There you can find already a model text for the “GDPR confirmation” and also for the “GDPR declaration”. If you open the “GDPR confirmation” on the left side, [...]

Which servers are used to send emails?

We have over 100 email servers in Germany with dedicated IPs.  We continuously monitor and manage our IP reputation, so that we can guarantee that your emails are always sent via the best servers for optimal delivery rates.  For an [...]