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How does 1-click content transfer work?

With the 1-click content transfer feature, you can take content from your CMS (e.g. WordPress, Drupal, Joomla) and place it directly in your email newsletter. To use this feature, you will first need a premium template from Newsletter2Go. To [...]

I'm Working With Contacts From Another Database. Is It Possible to Connect This System With Your Software?

There are many ways you can share data between your Newsletter2go account and other software, such as a CRM system or an e-commerce platform. The first option is an automatic contact sync via plug-in. This will compare contact details between [...]

How do I set up the Drupal newsletter plug-in?

The Drupal plug-in can be found here. To install the Drupal plug-in, click on "Modules" (in Drupal) and select "Install new module".  Next, you need to select and upload the plug-in from your PC.  You can enable and configure [...]

How do I set up the WordPress newsletter plug-in?

Set up the WordPress plug-in: 1.1 Change the Permalink settings In WordPress, go to "Settings" --> "Permalinks" and choose a setting other than the default setting.  1.2 You can now download the Newsletter2Go plug-in for [...]

Where can I find the Newsletter2Go API documentation?

The current Newsletter2Go API documentation can be [...]

What is the Newsletter2Go API and what can it be used for?

The Newsletter2Go API is an application programming interface which enables you to use the Newsletter2Go dispatch system as an external application, i.e. to integrate it into your own application.  With the help of the API, you can combine [...]

How do I set up the Joomla Newsletter Module?

You can find the Joomla plug-in in your Newsletter2Go account, under "Plug-ins".  Download the Joomla plug-in: Sign in to the admin area of your Joomla account. Go to "Extensions" --> "Manage" and then select "Upload Package [...]

How do I set up the WooCommerce webshop connection?

1 API Access Setting In order to use the Shop API, the API must be activated for the entire shop as well as for specific users who want to access the system. The WordPress Permalink setting also needs to be modified. 1.1 Change the Permalink [...]

How do I set up the Sugar CRM plug-in?

1. Security settingsTo ensure that you can use the Sugar CRM API, the following security roles must be in place:"Target lists" must be set to "enabled". 2. Create an OAuth keyPlease note: this step is only necessary for Sugar v7. An OAuth2 key [...]

How do I set up the Shopify shop connection?

Setting up the Shopify shop connection: 1. Go into the backend of your shop and select "Configuration" --> "Apps".  2. Click on "Generate new private app". 3. Copy the API key and password.  4. Log in to your Newsletter2Go account [...]