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How Can I Use Conversion Tracking at Newsletter2Go?

Basic Functionality To use conversion tracking, you first need to enable this feature. From the drop-down menu under your Newsletter2Go account (at the top right), select Email Settings. Under the Tracking tab, switch on the option for [...]

How Does the Google Analytics Integration Work?

To use the Google Analytics integration, you do not need to do anything other than tick the check-box in the newsletter tracking options as well as in the settings (Step 5 --> Edit tracking options).  The Google Analytics integration [...]

Where Can I Edit the Tracking Options?

You can change the general newsletter settings under the account menu (top-right): --> "Email Settings" --> "Tracking".These settings will then be applied to all future email campaigns.  You can change the tracking options for [...]

How to Exclude Domains

When sending an email campaign, you can exclude entire domains by entering the IP address.In your Newsletter2Go account, go to email settings --> tracking. Enable the "Exclude IPs" option and click "Add IP address" to enter the IP that you [...]

How Do I Enable Econda Tracking for My Email?

To enable econda tracking, go to "Step 5. Send" and click "edit tracking options". Next to "Tracking parameters", click "please select" to open up the drop-down menu:Tick the box next to econda and click "save and close". [...]

How Do I Set Up a Custom Tracking Domain for Click and Link Tracking?

To set up a custom tracking domain on your web server, please proceed as follows, replacing "" with your domain name. 1. Select a subdomain which is not currently in use. Try to choose a name that is also easy for the recipient [...]