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How can I use conversion tracking with Newsletter2Go?

Basic functionalityTo use conversion tracking, you first need to enable conversion tracking under "Step 5. Send" in your Newsletter2Go account. You also need to embed a JavaScript snippet into your target landing page (e.g. order confirmation, [...]

Higher delivery rates with DKIM and Sender ID

Optimal delivery rates In addition to using an SPF record, which Newsletter2Go already uses as standard, it is also possible to use a Sender ID record and to sign your outbound emails using the DKIM method. We recommend using both in order [...]

What are embedded images?

Embedded images are images that can be integrated directly into the email source code. Embedded images do not need to be downloaded by the recipient; they are shown directly in the email program. The maximum size for embedded images is 50KB per [...]

What is multivariate A/B testing?

Multivariate A/B testing enables you to automatically test the subject line, sender name and content. You can test up to three variants of each. This enables you to find the best performing newsletter variant. You can test several newsletter [...]

Is the unsubscribe link automatically included in my newsletter or do I need to add it in?

If you use one of our free pre-made templates, the unsubscribe link is already integrated. If you are using your own template, you will need to insert the unsubscribe link [...]

Where can I find the Newsletter2Go API documentation?

The current Newsletter2Go API documentation can be [...]

What is a standard campaign?

A standard campaign is sent out once at a particular time that you have pre-set. If you want to send a classic newsletter, a standard campaign is your best option.  This video gives an overview of all the different types of emails: Visit [...]

How do I get the Newsletter app in my language?

When registering, you can choose the language settings for your account.  You can also change the language settings at a later date under the Profile tab. Select your preferred language from the drop-down [...]

What are the advantages of email marketing compared to other types of online marketing?

Anyone who works in online marketing will know that almost 100% of all internet users read and send email - and can therefore be reached via this channel. Email marketing guarantees the widest reach for your campaigns by far. What's more, email [...]

What does Newsletter2Go do better than its competitors?

As an email marketing software provider, we focus on: 1. Providing you with a tool which enables you to design professional emails which can be tailored exactly to your customers' needs and interests. We understand the challenges you face, and [...]